Privacy Policy

Effective: December 31st, 2016

All data collected through this site, social media, and email correspondence, is used for the sole purpose to benefit visitors of Utah Hemophilia Foundation website and other mediums of distribution; we do not sell or give away any of the data collected.

1 Registration

Individuals registering with the UHF give access to the members of the UHF board and staff to view registration files and contact each person registered.

2 Emails

Emails are sent directly to a UHF staff and/or board members; these emails will not be sent to other individuals unless requested.

3 Cookies

All digital cookies used for the UHF's website store user information—sensitive data is only stored using high level algorithm encryption, but some data like username and Full name may be store in clear text to provide a enriched experience.

4 Analytics & Statistical Reports

All data collected by analytics software is only used for the purpose of optimization and tailored content towards trends; we are not responsible for the maintenance and data collecting of the companies providing these tools and services.  Any data we collected for statistical reports will not include any personal identifiers.

5 Donations

Individuals who wish to donate their resources may do so without public recognition; if you wish to remain anonymous, we will do respect your rights.