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Our Mission

The Utah Hemophilia Foundation serves people with bleeding disorders.  Through education, advocacy, outreach and networking, the UHF empowers individuals and families to lead healthier and more self-sufficient lives.
Photo of Hayden Morgan

Hayden Morgan Camp Valor Memorial Fund

In honor of the memory of Hayden Morgan and in recognition of his love of Camp Valor, the Utah Hemophilia Foundation has established the Hayden Morgan Camp Valor Memorial Fund, which precludes financial hardship from being an impediment to a child's enjoyment of the Camp Valor experience.

Honor Hayden's memory today by making a generous donation to the Hayden Morgan Camp Valor Memorial Fund.  Please designate your donation for “Hayden’s Memorial Camp Fund. ”

What is a bleeding disorder?

This term is a catch-all name for more than fifteen different disorders, including hemophilia and von Willebrand Disease, that prevent blood from clotting properly.  These are rare, genetic disorders and are never contagious; but, can be very challenging when trying to live a healthy life.
The Utah Hemophilia Foundation provides a broad range of services to individuals and families dealing with bleeding disorders.  Because bleeding disorders are rare, individuals often feel alone.  The UHF creates networking opportunities to bring people with bleeding disorders together for support and learning.
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